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The Self-Disruptive Effect of Adoption Through Intake on Procurement Transformation

Procurement is facing unprecedented change driven by many factors, including new business models, a globalized economy, and shifting stakeholder expectations. To maintain alignment with the business and adapt to new realities, procurement must reboot their organizational structure, digital capabilities, talent, philosophy, frameworks, and workflows. 

In other words, procurement must disrupt themselves.

But for procurement transformation to be truly disruptive, it must also be comprehensive. New processes and technologies must be adopted by everyone in the organization. When approached in this way, procurement can set a chain of events in motion, leading to better fitting processes that empower all stakeholders and suppliers to pursue the most rewarding opportunities.

We partnered with the team at Zip to explore how procurement can lead this transformational change from within. 

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  • How the adoption of digital technologies can unlock procurement’s full potential, increasing ROI and reducing friction
  • Insights into what true spend collaboration means and how procurement can foster it at scale
  • The value of expanding our definition of full spend visibility to enhance your organization’s competitive advantage

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