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Rising Above the Pendulum Swing of Savings

Procurement often finds itself caught in a seemingly never-ending cycle of savings, where the focus on cost reduction ebbs and flows in response to pressures by the business or external factors, like the global economy or supply chain stability. 

This reactionary approach can lead to a short-term focus on belt-tightening, which can ultimately undercutting the long-term value creation procurement has the potential to provide.

We partnered with the team at Procure Analytics to explore the factors driving this cycle and how procurement can rise above it and instead create sustainable savings strategies designed for long-term success and value creation. 

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  • Why procurement is vulnerable to the savings cycle and the risks this poses
  • How to shift from short-term reactivity to long-term savings strategy
  • How to leverage certain spend categories to drive long-term savings
  • The most effective tactics for getting leadership buy-in for a new savings strategy

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