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Increasing Procurement’s Impact During Turbulent Times

Procurement has long sought to establish themselves as a trusted partner to the business, but their processes and technology have (at times) proven to be obstacles. Rather than laying the groundwork for a consistently good internal customer experience, they have caused friction and frustration between procurement and the business. They have also limited the impact that procurement can have on the wider organization, an unfortunate situation that must be rectified as soon as possible for the sake of everyone involved.

With this concern in mind, Art of Procurement and Globality partnered to run a series of LinkedIn polls in advance of Mastermind LIVE 2022. Our common goal was to capture a snapshot of how procurement believes they are viewed by the business and then connect that perception to the quality of the experience procurement provides through processes and digital platforms.

This paper shares the results and summarizes the findings of the three polls and provides commentary about what they reveal when considered in combination:

  • How do stakeholders perceive procurement?
  • Could a consumer-like buying process increase the likelihood of stakeholder compliance?
  • Is digitally-enabled self-service the answer to improved collaboration with the business?

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