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Increasing Services Procurement Efficiency

As organizations have access to a growing number of service providers – from traditional providers to contingent workforces to specialized freelancers – procurement must navigate an increasingly complex landscape in order to deliver maximum value to the business. 

The abundance of options can be overwhelming, and this challenge is often compounded by varied stakeholder expectations and needs. 

To help navigate these challenges and lay out a successful strategic framework for building a strong services procurement management program, we created this whitepaper in partnership with the team at Guidant Global.

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  • How to address some of the most common challenges in services procurement and effectively manage the complexity that comes with this category
  • Key considerations for building a solid framework for a services procurement program, including guidance around stakeholder expectations, benchmarking, KPI setting, governance, customer satisfaction, and more
  • Insight into current best practices for services procurement, regardless of company maturity level

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