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Implementing a Framework Around Global Supplier Risks

Every procurement team should expect and prepare to manage risk. Whether it is operational, financial, geopolitical, regulatory, environmental, or otherwise, risk in every form is an inevitable consideration in an increasingly complex network of global suppliers. 

Having a risk assessment framework in place is essential for procurement’s success, making it possible to develop mitigation and monitoring strategies that safeguard the business against risk events. 

In this whitepaper, written in partnership with YCP Consus, we discuss the critical role of risk assessment and how procurement can build a proactive framework that will help minimize risk and its impact on the business. 

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  • Best practices and processes for assessing and monitoring risk
  • How to conduct a comprehensive risk assessment while keeping one eye on outliers, both good and bad
  • The most important mitigation strategies procurement should put in place to improve their chances of minimizing disruption or damage to the business

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