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Empowering Procurement to Drive Value Through a Radically Transformed User Experience

Building a positive procurement experience requires a dynamic and creative process, one that reimagines and revolutionizes approaches to stakeholders, spend, and suppliers.

And yet, experiential procurement does not free anyone from corporate expectations around strategy and results. It is a complex layering that will require procurement to address multiple objectives in parallel, including adopting innovative AI-powered technology, the creation of new-style best-of-breed ecosystems, and embracing new ways of working.

There are the three truths procurement must face if it wants to create a world-class user experience as part of this vision for the Future of Procurement.

  • Truth #1: If procurement expects the business to approach them every time they have a question or a need, then its transformation has failed.
  • Truth #2: Corporate experiences have to match or even surpass the slick, intuitive interfaces offered by the e-commerce customer experience
  • Truth #3: Providing a new user experience alone is not enough—procurement must also utilize transformative technology to add strategic business value

Download this whitepaper, a collaboration between Art of Procurement and Globality, Inc., for more insight on the three truths and executive quotes.

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