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Data Friendly Leadership Increases Organizational Readiness in Procurement

During the last few years of volatility, procurement has had plenty of opportunities to partner more actively with business stakeholders and hit company objectives. Although it has been a challenging time, procurement has been able to show what they can do - and how valuable a data driven approach is. 

Data systems and data matching are now mature enough to help procurement better manage costs, lower risk, and address sustainability using the same data without adding significant time to their processes. Today’s data maturity is what makes this possible.

Procurement data is a uniquely valuable asset, and access to it should not be limited to one application or use case but shared throughout the organization. 

In this paper, we have captured the key insights from an AOP Live session featuring Flavio Monteleone from Bain & Company and Heta Ruikka from Sievo. Download your copy to learn:

  • How procurement can increase organizational readiness for open access to data
  • Ways to work cross-functionally to apply procurement data for maximum value
  • Why we can’t afford to allow perfect to be the enemy of good

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