AOP Live Webinar: Mastering the Supply Chain Data Challenge

In this AOP Live webinar, Art of Procurement Founder Philip Ideson talks to Joe Yacura on the importance of data quality - not only as part of procurement digitalization, but for the future of procurement as a whole.

Joe is a former CPO of organizations such as Fannie Mae, Bank of America and American Express, and the co-author of the 3rd Annual Data Quality and Governance Study in partnership with Dr Rob Handfield and the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative (SCRC) at NC State.

If it wasn’t apparent before, it should be now: procurement can no longer turn a blind eye to bad data. Over the course of our 45-minutes together, Joe shared a number of insights from the data study about how procurement leaders can mobilize the resource (or resources) necessary to address this challenge of poor data quality.


Take the Next Step:

Supply Chain Data Challenge PagesFor help in changing how your company manages procurement performance, download the survey results that accompanied this webinar.

This report provides a guidepost on the journey to data as an enabler of digital transformation.