AOP Live Webinar Watch Again: Embracing the Ecosystem: Building Your Unique Digital Roadmap

Digitalization is a top priority for nearly every CPO, especially after the recent COVID19 disruptions. Yet, many procurement organizations are struggling to make much progress with digitization. In some cases, the path forward is unclear. Other times, procurement teams are lacking executive support.

One way to overcome these hurdles is to build a roadmap that unites everyone in the organization around shared values, objectives, and next steps. Most importantly, the benefits derived from digitalization must be abundantly clear and aligned with the whole ecosystem.

In this AOP Live session, we explore the challenges that organizations are facing with their digital transformations and how they need to be approached in the context of the entire procurement ecosystem.

Christopher Eyerman, Head of Procurement Innovation at Denali, and David Clevenger, Director of Procurement and Operational Excellence at Denali answer questions about:

  • How to close the gaps and address the shortcomings of current procurement processes within your entire ecosystem
  • Why the explosion of data available today MUST change procurement’s approach to technology and analytics
  • Which levers your procurement team can pull to advance maturity levels and gain new value