AOP Live Webinar Watch Again: How Procurement Can Build Supply Chain Resilience

To meet today’s challenges in supply chain spend management, we must embrace automation. Gone are the days of being able to throw bodies at a problem. Systemic inefficiency not only creates unsustainable processes, it creates enormous waste and revenue risk. Now is the time for procurement to lead through change.

Procurement teams are uniquely positioned to lead supply chain resilience initiatives. That’s because procurement brings together the right suppliers, products, and materials needed to fulfill customer demand. 

In this AOP Live session, Tom Kieley, CEO and Co-Founder of SourceDay, and Go Kamiyama, Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives from NetSuite, answer audience questions about:

  • How we can better understand supply chain-related spend management challenges
  • What resilience and responsiveness to demand signals look like in practice, and how procurement can incorporate them in their existing processes and frameworks
  • Opportunities for procurement to embrace automation for the purpose of increasing supply chain visibility and resilience