Free AOP Live Webinar in partnership with Zip

Improving Internal Perception of Procurement from Intake to Procure

Wednesday June 30th @ 1pm US Eastern Time

Procurement is not unique in relying upon the classic ‘people, process, and technology’ framework. Unfortunately, in many cases the investments made in these three areas are not equal or are not made in parallel. This is particularly critical during procurement transformation efforts because decisions made in one area inevitably affect the ROI of the other two.

Each interaction with procurement’s people, processes, and technology influences how they are regarded by their internal colleagues. This, in turn, determines how successful procurement is able to be and how likely they are to be seen as valuable and worthy of recognition.

In this AOP Live session, Liem Hua, Michael Denari, and Rujul Zaparde will discuss how procurement can improve the ‘customer experience’ associated with distributed buying. They will answer your live questions about:

  • The procurement pain points most commonly experienced by the business and how they can be addressed
  • How technology can empower distributed buyers without endangering procurement’s ability to manage spend and suppliers
  • Ways procurement can fulfill their corporate mandate without going against corporate culture


About Our Guests

Rujul Zaparde

Rujul is the co-founder & CEO of Zip. Previously, he led the search product and platform teams at Airbnb. Rujul dropped out of Harvard at 17 to start FlightCar, which raised $40m+ in capital and grew to 180+ employees. FlightCar was acquired by Mercedes-Benz in 2016.

Michael Denari

Michael Denari is the Head of Global Procurement at Canva, a high growth $15B online design platform with a mission to empower everyone in the world to design. Denari most recently spent 4 years at Procore Technologies building the Global Procurement function from the ground up.

Liem Hua

Currently Hopin's global Head of Strategic Sourcing, Liem has held a wide range of procurement roles at companies such as P&G, Apple and Uber. With both direct and indirect procurement experience, he has worked across industries and with companies that have grown to maturity as well as those in tech that are in high growth mode.

About Zip:

Zip provides one place for any employee to initiate a purchase or vendor request. Each request is correctly routed for approval across procurement, finance, IT, data security, legal, and other teams, and Zip integrates into all major ERP and P2P solutions to create a PR or draft PO.

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