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How to utilize a data-driven mindset to supercharge your procurement organization

Tuesday January 25th @ 11am US Eastern Time

The common legacy of procurement software is one of overpriced technology that no one uses (if they can avoid it). Procurement technology is perceived as a tool intended for process enforcement rather than enabling people.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

And yet... for all of procurement’s talk about wanting to change, it still seems as though the desire for a new approach is stronger outside of procurement than within. Before procurement can actively drive change for ourselves, through technology and analytics, we have to embrace a whole new mindset - one that creates a culture of insight by providing everyone in the organization with open access to actionable data. 

In this AOP Live session, Flavio Monteleone, an Expert Partner in Procurement at Bain & Company, and Heta Ruikka, Vice President of Product Management at Sievo, will take on the challenge of discussing ways for procurement technology to make the most out of its data:

  • Why procurement should embrace data and transparency, even when it hurts
  • How to actually leverage the dirty data trapped in your procurement systems
  • What is a data-driven mindset and how should procurement use it?
    • People - not tools - turn insights into action
    • How democratization of data empowers your organization
    • How to use data to build the trust required for collaboration

About Our Guests

image005Flavio Monteleone

Flavio Monteleone is an Expert Partner, Procurement at Bain & Company. He specializes in large Procurement transformations in multiple industries and geographies. He leads the firm’s spend management and procurement Edge products. Flavio is experienced in change management, transformations, operating model redesign, global procurement, category management, should costing, and design to cost (D2X).


Heta RuikkaHeta Ruikka

Heta Ruikka is the Vice President of Product Management at Sievo, and she strives to develop Sievo as the best Procurement Analytics solution the world has ever seen. She holds a master’s degree from Aalto University in Industrial Engineering and Management, and has delved in the world of Product Management ever since graduating. As a young leader in the space, she aspires to change the world into a more open and data-driven one, where leadership is based on empathy and empowerment.


About Sievo

Sievo is a leading procurement analytics SaaS-based solution company that helps the world’s leading businesses understand & create business value by enabling them to take control of all  procurement information with the leading Spend Management solution offering best-of-breed software, world-class services and value-added content. Sievo provides spend visibility but also goes way beyond that. We help our clients identify opportunities, translate these opportunities into projects, embed created value into budgets and ensure that savings truly hit the bottom line.

For more information, visit or follow Sievo on LinkedIn.

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