Free AOP Live Webinar in partnership with ProcureAbility

Envisioning the Procurement Operating Model of the Future

Tuesday April 27th @ 11am US Eastern Time

There is no denying that procurement must change. We can sense it in what our executive team asks of us, in what our supply partners are suggesting, and in the increasing role of technology in everyday procurement workflows. The business has recognized what we are capable of, which has opened the door to increased insight and influence.

If procurement leaders and teams are going to be ready to make the journey ahead, we have to carefully design our desired future state - one that balances resilience with efficiency.

Part of the challenge we face is that procurement has been undergoing constant change for a while now. While procurement might previously have attempted to perform ‘better,’ we now need to pivot and deliver a completely new scope of value. Fortunately, there are many resources we can lean on to facilitate this shift - including automation and broader access to talent by tapping a virtual workforce.

In this AOP Live session, Conrad Snover and Betsy Pancik from ProcureAbility will share ProcureAbility’s vision for the future of procurement, an organization that is viewed as a partner to the business, generates value beyond traditional measurements, and leverages technology and process optimization to increase strategic focus. Some of the topics they will cover include:

  • People: What type of partner will procurement be in the future? What will our relationships look like and what skills will we need to be successful in this new paradigm?
  • Process: As technology inevitably improves the efficiency of procurement’s tactical workload, what new activities will emerge in its place? To what extent will procurement be able to select our future scope of work, versus having responsibilities dictated to us by daily business needs?
  • Talent: With the rise of workforce virtualization, the sky's the limit when it comes to building out the future team. What precise mix of talent should be maintained in house and when is it best to leverage the specialization and flexibility of consultants or contingent workers?
  • Results: Although savings will always be part of procurement’s value proposition, it is only the beginning of what we can offer. What other sources of value does the business need and what can procurement do to deliver against them?

After attending this session, you will be better equipped to solidify a vision for your future procurement operating model and start addressing the key considerations you will encounter on your journey.


About the Guests

Conrad SnoverConrad Snover

Conrad has more than 20 years of advisory and consulting experience focused on strategic procurement and supply chain management. He has deep experience in launching and managing programs focused on Strategy Design, Procurement Transformation, Category Management, Strategic Sourcing, Supplier Development, and Organizational Sustainability.

Earlier in his career, Conrad specialized in strategic procurement as a consultant with A.T. Kearney’s Financial Institutions practice. He has consulted with numerous Fortune 1000 companies in a variety of industries including oil and gas, utilities, technology, banking and insurance, hospitality, and healthcare.

He is a frequently requested presenter at national supply chain conferences such as USMA, UPMG, SIG, and WEI. Conrad holds a Bachelor’s degree in business from the University of Washington and was named a Pro to Know by Supply & Demand Chain Executive.


Betsy PancikBetsy Pancik

Betsy has over 20 years of experience helping Procurement teams become strategic, value-driving business partners. Betsy has designed, sold, and delivered hundreds of Procurement solutions across sourcing, category management, P2P, procurement technology, and procurement process/policy, always with an eye towards “how can we make Procurement better?” Her practical approach is based on her own experience as a buyer, category manager, and operations lead, first in the defense/aerospace industry and then in commercial IT.

Betsy has worked with procurement organizations across a wide range of industries including Consumer Products, Retail, Financial Services, and Insurance.

Betsy is a frequent speaker and blogger on a variety of procurement, sales, and organizational change topics and has a BA in English from George Mason University.


About ProcureAbility:

Since 1996, ProcureAbility has been providing procurement organizations with industry-leading consulting, staffing, and recruiting services, in addition to market intelligence and analytics. The firm has distinguished itself from competitors with a flexible model that maximizes customization, giving clients the advantage of highly-tailored solutions and the ultimate in versatility. Widely regarded as experts in the field of procurement, ProcureAbility works with a diverse range of Fortune 1000 clients, including Honda, Walgreens, Uber, and Caesars Entertainment®.

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